PLR Towing Policy

Dear Pine Lakes Ranch Homeowner:

Because of the current unusual weather and the large number of vehicles requiring towing and/or pushing/pulling , the Board of Directors of Pine Lakes Ranch Homeowners' Association has enacted a Road Assistance Hold Harmless Contract and policy.

If your vehicle should become stuck in the snow and//or mud and requires assistance, you will have the option of having our Representative assist you, or you may contact an alternate service provider. Pine Lakes Ranch Homeowners' Association and/or its Representative is under no obligation to provide road assistance. If it becomes necessary to move a vehicle blocking the road, it will be moved and a bill will be rendered.

One of the towing companies available in Cascade is H & H Towing and Recovery �

208-382-5577. They have provided an estimated minimum cost of approximately $100.00. Your fee for Pine Lakes Ranch Homeowners' Association assistance will be $50.00. Our hours of road assistance are 7:00 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Please share this information with your family, friends and any work people you have invited to the Ranch as they are included in this policy. It is strongly recommended that only front wheel, 4 wheel or all wheel drive vehicles come on the Ranch. Low profile vehicles are also getting stuck so please be aware!

If you need further information, please contact me at 208-382-5004, cell 208-861-1799 or email: [email protected].

Road Manager is Darrell Latham at (cell) 208-513-4547 or (home) 575-430-1632.

Please drive slowly and carefully on all Ranch roads, especially around corners.

Kitty Lightfoot-President, Pine Lakes Ranch Homeowners Association