Nomination & Election Committee Activities & Process

Adopted 09/27/17

Preamble: Based upon legal opinion, this process was created and adopted to provide separation between the incumbent PLR Board of Directors and the nominating and elections process for the replacement of retiring directors. Association members who are family members of current or nominated directors should not be members of the Nominating and Election Committee in order to foster this separation.

August/September: Assemble the rest of the committee (At least 3 members) Begin the candidate search, PLR Newsletter article, phone PLR Association members, etc., Report to Board.

September/October: Use PLR P.O. Box for Nominating and Election Committee. Solicit biographies and letters of intent from candidates. Report to Board on progress.


  1. Obtain an updated list of owners from the PLR Secretary and create the Tally Sheet or PLR Roster.

  2. Check with the PLR Secretary that the following responsibilities have been completed

  1. Report to the Board

Day before Annual: Visit PO Box and retrieve mailed ballots. Assemble Committee and open Meeting ballots. Three committee members should be present. Validate the ballot, and log the received ballot as a “Mailed Ballot” or “Proxy” as appropriate. Place “Proxies” into envelopes and write proxy designee’s name on the outside. Call proxy designee if there is any concern that they may not attend the meeting. Cut the “Block no.” from mailed ballots and hold until the meeting.

1 hour before the Meeting: Arrive Early, Assemble Committee Members and begin to log mailed Ballots.

Annual Meeting: Prepare a candidate tally sheet that has no names or Block numbers. .

Member Check in: Log Members as “Attended Meeting” on the PLR Roster. Hand out envelopes with Proxies to members, as appropriate. Keep track of the votes Present or by Proxy or by Mailed Ballot. Let the President of the Board know when a quorum is reached (50% +1 vote of all votes available.

During Meeting: Insure that Nominations are taken from the floor. Add any new candidates to the candidate tally sheet.

Vote Counting: Collect Ballots. Remove all means of identification (Block No., signatures, etc.) before vote counting. Sequentially number each ballot so that you can verify the count later, if needed. Continue the vote logging. Count votes and tabulate results. Report results as appropriate.

After Meeting: Get committee together to validate results. Provide the PLR Secretary with a PLR Roster showing who attended, who mailed ballots, and who assigned their Proxy. Provide a summary of voting results, certified and signed by the committee members. Place all ballots, the PLR Roster, and the Tally Sheet into an envelope. Seal the envelope and sign across the seal. The envelope should be labeled “20xx election materials. Destroy after 20xx (+2), and should be retained by the succeeding Nominating and Election Committees for two years. It may be opened only in the presence of the Board if there is a challenge of the results. Succeeding committees should destroy two-year-old envelopes of election materials.