Overview of PLR

Governing Documents

Plain English Explanation

The officers of the Association that you elect each year are responsible for carrying out the business of the Association in accordance with our CC&Rs. Over the past years, our Association’s Officers have found this task challenging and sometimes impossible because there are three documents and some of their articles and provisions are not consistent. Those documents and a brief description of their purpose are:

1.        CC&Rs: This document is the overriding document that tells each landowner in Pine Lakes Ranch how the Ranch will operate and what activities will be used to support that operation. It also documents how each of our landowners should act in order to support the best interests of the Ranch, now and in the future.

2.        Articles of Incorporation: This document defines and creates our Pine Lakes Ranch Homeowners Association in accordance with Idaho law.

3.        Bylaws: This document defines how the Association will act in order to implement the provisions of the CC&Rs.

There is an ongoing effort to make these documents mutually consistent.