Adopted 06/30/2012

Pine Lakes Ranch Homeowners Association (PLRHA) has responsibility for maintaining all roads on Pine Lakes Ranch (as Recorded 03/01/2007 as Instrument # 318967), including an area 35 feet on either side of the roadway center-line (either deeded to PLRHA or for which PLRHA has a permanent easement). This maintenance includes maintaining the road surface and substructure and road drainage.

To facilitate road drainage, a system of barrow ditches and culverts have been installed to provide a controlled flow of runoff water away from the roads and into natural drainages or irrigation ditches. The barrow ditches also collect runoff water from the private lands on either side of the roadway.

Prior to construction, homeowners and representatives of the PLRHA Architectural Committee must agree on the location and design of any homeowner improvements constructed within 35 feet of the centerline of the adjacent roadway (e.g. driveway/roadway intersections, driveway culverts and drainage). Any repair of damage to barrow ditches, culverts, or to PLR roads caused by improper design, implementation or maintenance of homeowner improvements will be charged to the homeowner.

Barrow Ditches:

Generally, Pine Lakes Ranch Homeowners are responsible for the removal of debris, vegetation, rocks, silt deposits or any other items that may prevent water from flowing freely along barrow ditches. Additionally, homeowner improvements such as landscaping, driveways and buildings must be constructed in a manner that does not impede the flow of water in the barrow ditches or deposit silt on the roadway or in the barrow ditches. PLRHA will assist with routine barrow ditch clean-up on a best-effort basis.


PLRHA is responsible for the installation, cleaning and repair of all culverts that are perpendicular to (cross) Pine Lakes Ranch Roads, while homeowners are responsible for the installation, cleaning and repair of all culverts that lie in the barrow pit and run parallel to (in the same direction as) the roadway. The minimum diameter of these culverts must be 12”. Homeowners must not block, divert or otherwise alter the inlet or outlet flow patterns of any culverts within 35’ of roadway centerline without prior Architectural Committee written approval.