Tips for Winter Conditions on PLR


Tips for Winter Conditions on Pine Lakes Ranch

ü     We strive for continuous accessibility to all areas of our Ranch. However, weather conditions can make travel on the Ranch treacherous or impossible at times. Be prepared to delay or cancel your travel plans when hazardous weather conditions exist.

ü     The grade at the entrance is difficult in both directions. Enter the Ranch very slowly to avoid sliding off the road. We have placed a pile of salted gravel near the cattle guard with a shovel and a bucket. All PLR travelers should be prepared to spread this material when conditions at the entrance need it. Be prepared.

ü     It is not a bad idea to carry your own shovel with some sand or kitty litter.  Of course chains are always a good idea in the winter in Valley County.

ü     If you do not have 4WD carry chains or traction devices. Two-wheel drive vehicles without chains installed WILL get stuck. Discuss this with your visitors before they come. You may wish to have them leave their vehicle in town and pick them up.

ü     If you are driving to the ranch from a distance, check the local weather conditions; call a neighbor, or check Cascade’s weather on the internet by going to and click on one of the instant weather links.

ü     Do not leave vehicles or trailers in roadways. With continued plowing, the roads become narrow, and vehicles or trailers left on the roadway make it difficult for others to get by and make plowing hazardous or impossible.

ü     Drive slowly, especially in the trees. Stay in your lane as you approach the blind curves.

ü     Use caution when pulling over to let someone pass. Often, what looks like plowed road is really the roadside ditch covered with snow. Be prepared to back up, if necessary, to find a suitable place to pass.

ü     It is not the Infrastructure Manager’s responsibility to patrol the Ranch roads looking for hazards. If problems such as icy spots or downed trees are found, and you cannot remedy them yourself, call the Infrastructure Manager (Darrell Latham, 208-513-4547) to report the problem. Please be very specific about the location and the nature of the problem.

ü     PLR cannot run a 24-hour towing service. If your neighbor can’t help, call Mountain Towing at 208-382-3166.

ü     Share this information with your visitors.

Snow Plowing:

ü     Watch for the snowplow during or after storms.  Remember the operator’s visibility is limited.  If you approach from the rear wait till the operator sees you and signals before you attempt to pass.

ü     Normally when a storm is less than 4” the roads will not be plowed.  Be prepared to drive in those conditions. 

ü     When a storm drops 4” or more the roads will normally be plowed  the next morning or when the storm is over.  On occasion, when there is a severe storm the roads may be plowed multiple times during the storm such that there is not too much accumulation.

ü     The snowplow will most often leave snow in your driveway.  There is no efficient way for the operator to plow the ranch and not leave this inconvenience for the homeowner.  It is the homeowner’s responsibility to clear this snow and their own driveway.

ü     As homeowners plow their own driveways they should not push or blow snow onto the road causing an inconvenience to others.

Construction and deliveries during winter months:

ü     Construction during the winter months is difficult. Discuss these tips with your contractor and advise him to be prepared to cancel work or postpone deliveries during and just after inclement weather.

ü     Similarly, other large delivery trucks (furniture, appliances, fuels, etc) often have difficulties.  Warn them of our roads so they can cancel or bring the right vehicle with chains.

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