Pine Lakes Ranch Homeowners Association, Inc.

Recreational Vehicle and Watercraft Rules/Policy (NON-CAMPER)

Adopted 05/19/2007

It is the intent of this policy to maximize the enjoyment of all PLR property owners while respecting the reasonable expectations of individual property owners, as well as the delicate qualities of our natural setting.

This document applies only to non-camper recreational vehicles, including boats, ATVs, snowmobiles and the trailers used to transport these vehicles. Please refer to the Pine Lakes Ranch Homeowners Association, Inc. Camper Rules for motorhomes or other camper style vehicles.

There shall be a 20 miles-per-hour speed limit on all roads under Pine Lakes Ranch control.

Livestock on PLR always have the right-of-way. Open Range Laws apply.

Vehicles and boat trailers must be parked at least 200 feet away from the entrance of a boat ramp in order to keep the ramp and driveway clear for loading and unloading.

Any recreational vehicle (non-camper), excluding snowmobiles, but including off road or ATVs, is to be operated only on established roads within the ranch and within established speed limits. Vehicles used to maintain or improve PLR, or in support of the agricultural operations on the ranch, are exempt from this rule.

Motorized watercraft are not permitted on the ranch ponds.

Vehicles and/or trailers may not be parked on the shoulder of a road at any time

On unimproved lots (lots that do not have homes for which a Certificate of Occupancy has been issued), recreational vehicles (non-camper) or watercraft may be permitted on the ranch only when in use by the PLR owner or their guest; or coincidental to the parking of a camper in accordance with the Pine Lakes Ranch Homeowners Association, Inc. CAMPER RULES, when seasonable use of the motorized vehicle or watercraft is reasonably possible. In no case may a recreational vehicle (non-camper) or watercraft be stored or parked on any unimproved PLR lot outside of these restrictions.

On improved lots (lots with homes for which a Certificate of Occupancy has been issued), recreational vehicles (non-camper) or watercraft must typically be stored in an improved location designed for that purpose, consisting at minimum, of a garage or a carport or pad with screening such as a high fence, or substantial landscaping. The architectural committee must approve all such screening. The intent is to substantially hide the recreational vehicles (non-camper) or watercraft from view of other lots so as to preserve the aesthetic qualities of the neighborhood as required by the CC&Rs. Recreational vehicles (non-camper) or watercraft may be stored on the ranch outside of an improved location as described above only when seasonal conditions would permit its normal use. For example, boats are not permitted to be stored outdoors when Lake Cascade is frozen over or the PLR boat ramp is not reasonably accessible. Snowmobiles are not permitted to be stored outdoors when there is not enough snow on the ground to support reasonable use. The above examples are illustrative only and are not intended to limit the scope of these rules. Large enclosed ATV and snowmobile trailers must be screened from view except when being used to transport ATVs or snowmobiles. They may not be left in the open more than 5 days at a time.

A recreational vehicle (non-camper) or watercraft may be removed from its enclosed storage location for 5 days for the purpose of cleaning, loading, or maintenance at any time of year.