Valley County Light Pollution Law (08/03)

Help Stop Light Pollution

Dear Property Owner:

Valley County is beginning to experience excessive light pollution. Excessive lighting negatively impacts your neighbors and even people who are miles away. Light pollution changes the character of Valley County from rural to urban and prohibits stargazing – an activity that has been enjoyed in Valley County for many years.

Floodlights, yard lights, security lights, etc. are causing the light pollution. These lights are being left on continuously and unnecessarily.

Valley County has adopted lighting standards in its Land Use and Development Ordinance. We are currently working on additional lighting standards that will be adopted as part of the Building Code, similar to the Dark Sky Ordinance adopted in Blaine County, and, enforced by the Building Department

At this time we are asking homeowners to voluntarily reduce their contribution to the light pollution by implementing the following simple steps in order to retain the rural character of Valley County.

  1. Shade all outdoor lights so light does not project upward or horizontally.

  2. Lower lighting to a maximum height of twenty feet (less is better).

  3. Install Motion Sensor lights – these will provide light for maneuvering around your property and can also act as security lights.

  4. Decrease the wattage of bulbs to a maximum of 40 watts.

  5. Turn off your lights when you are not at home (This will also conserve electricity.)

  6. Do not allow your lights to illuminate beyond your property boundaries or reflect onto your neighbor’s property or water bodies.

Please step back and take a look at your home to see what the impact of your lighting is to your neighbors.

If you have any questions or suggestions please call me at (208) 382-7114.



Cynda Herrick, AICP

Valley County

Planning and Zoning Administrator

P.S. Please make sure your reflective rural addressing numbers are posted so they are clearly visible from the road in case of an emergency?

Note: Please see Valley County Code Sections 6-2-1 through 6-2-7, Adopted 11/08/2004