Pine Lakes Ranch Construction or Improvements Approval Process and Documentation Requirements

Revised February, 2018

Dear PLR Property Owner:

If you are contemplating building a home or making improvements on your property in Pine Lakes Ranch, Architectural Committee and PLR Board approvals are required.

The approval process will start when all of the below items are received by a member of the PLR Architectural Committee. Since the PLR Board of Directors needs to make the final approval decision, the approval process may take anywhere from a week to a month, depending on the size of the project and the scheduling of a final review with the Board (Usually at the next scheduled meeting of the PLR Board of Directors).

Documentation Required for Project Approval:

  1. SIGNED Road Fee Agreement

  1. Check (or other conveyance) in the required amount.

  1. Plans showing, at a minimum, Square Footage, Exterior Roofing Materials and Colors, Exterior Wall Materials and Colors, Architectural Approvals as needed by the County, and any variances needed or approved.

  1. Plot Plan (Which may be hand drawn) showing the Setbacks (Distance between) of any overhang, deck, or other feature to  the closest property line or easement. It should also include the location of any well, septic tank and drain field.

  1. You will receive a Letter of Approval from the Chairman of the PLR Architectural Committee once all required documentation has been reviewed and approved by the Architectural Committee and approved by the PLR Board of Directors. Construction may commence once you receive the Letter of Approval.

Note: It is the Homeowners responsibility to inform their contractors of the Pine Lakes Ranch Rules regarding Construction Periods and Road Impact Requirements.