Adopted 10/25/05 - Revised November 2007

BLUEPRINT SUBMITTAL: Blueprints submitted to the Architectural Committee shall be a full set of architectural drawings conforming to all local building codes under control of the county engineer and conforming to the rules and Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions (CC&R’s) of Pine Lakes Ranch Homeowners Association. Any modifications must be noted on the blueprints. A plot map showing lot size, number of the lot, along with any existing or proposed fences, walls, septic tanks and future buildings planned must also be submitted. Distances from property line to building must be shown on the plot map. NOTE: Architectural drawings do not require the electrical or mechanical portion of the blueprints. The Architectural committee is concerned with the type of materials used, the square footage of the dwelling and exterior appearance and type of constructions.

FOUNDATION: Foundations for dwellings should be of a masonry product as called for by local building codes. Other types of foundations may be used for buildings other than the main dwelling (garages, woodsheds, etc.). These will need to be approved by the Architectural Committee.

ROOF AND SIDE WALLS: All exterior materials and colors shall be noted on plans

BUILDING MATERIALS – (Section 3.18 – Amended July 1998): All exterior walls shall be constructed of wood or wood materials, rock or masonry products, or other products having the appearance and quality of wood, rock or masonry. Vinyl and/or metal siding will not be approved except by variance of the Board. All exterior walls shall be approved by the Architectural Committee and be consistent with the requirements of Section 6.08.

SETBACKS: A 40-foot setback from right of way boundaries and interior block lines is called for. This setback is from the “actual property line” to the closest part of any structure. This refers to eaves, decks, etc. not foundation only. Roads, fences, septic tanks and wells do not require a 40-foot setback. For Blocks 3-13, Center Irrigation District maintains a 30’ easement from the center of the irrigation ditch on either side.

SETBACK VARIANCES: The setback can be waived by a variance from the owners of an adjacent property and will be taken into account prior to approval from the Board of Directors. If a variance is involved, it must be presented, along with the proposal to build. If a property owner proposes to build close to the setback limit, the property line and the limits of the structure must be staked out. A member of the Architectural Committee will then verify the setback. The owner of the adjacent property, or this representative, is also encouraged to do so. Variances should be recorded with the Valley County Recorder.

OTHER VARIANCES: A property owner who requests a variance dealing with any other aspect of noncompliance (fencing, tree cutting, etc.) is encouraged to get the input of all adjacent property owners who may be impacted by the variance if approval is granted. The Board reserves the right to refuse or approve any variance request submitted.

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BUILDING AND/OR EXTERIOR MODIFICATION ON EXISTING BUILDINGS: Once you have been notified in writing that your plans have been approved by the Architectural Committee, and you have the necessary building permits, you may proceed. A copy of each permit obtained must be given to the Architectural Committee prior to building. Lot owners must follow local building codes, and rules and CC&R’s of Pine Lakes Ranch. Please review the CC&R’s, including Section 3.09. No changes, including future exterior remodeling, may be made without the prior written consent of the Architectural Committee.

FENCES: (Section 3.19 – Amended July 1998): “All fences shall be constructed of wood or wood materials, rock or masonry products having the appearance and quality of wood, rock, or masonry.” As gates are an extension of a fence, they must also be constructed of acceptable material as defined in Section 3.19. Approval from the Architectural Committee Board of Directors must be obtained prior to construction of fencing.

TIME FRAME: The exterior of the dwelling should be completed within two years from the date joint agreed upon by the homeowner and the Board of Directors of Pine Lakes Ranch. During this period, owners may have a trailer or RV on the lot, so long as construction is pursued to completion with reasonable diligence.

ROAD IMPACT: For the protection of Pine Lakes Ranch roads, and to prevent damage caused by heavy vehicles using Pine lakes Ranch roads, a nonrefundable charge based on the current road fee schedule, will be assessed to the property owner upon submission of building or logging plans. Additionally, the nonrefundable charge may be assessed upon submission of home or lot improvement plans if determined necessary by the Architectural Committee. An agreement to accept liability, and pay expense for road work, if any, attributed to road damage caused by the property owner’s construction traffic using Pine Lakes Ranch roads at inappropriate times must be signed and submitted, along with building, logging or lot improvement plans and the nonrefundable charge. Frequently, during and also upon completion of construction or lot improvement, the Board of Directors, Architectural Committee and/or the Pine Lakes Ranch Managers will survey the Ranch roads to determine what, if any, repair work is required. Reasonable wear and tear will be considered in this determination. Please note that the term “roads” referred to in this paragraph and in the signed agreement shall include the roadbed, fences, culverts, ditches and cattle guards. Any conflict will ultimately be decided by Board.

EROSION CONTROL: No property owner shall allow drainage, naturally occurring or otherwise, from any block owned by such owner to be channeled in such a manner so as to cause erosion on, under or around any other block or any of the Pine Lakes Ranch roads, irrigation ditches, barrow pits or ponds.

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