Timber and Vegetation Removal Policy

Adopted 10/14/2017

Article III section 3.12 requires written permission prior to the cutting or removal of trees or other vegetation from your property, except for noxious weeds. The Pine Lakes Board of Directors has assigned the responsibility for reviewing tree and vegetation removal to the Architectural Committee. The Committee members are unpaid volunteers and so your effort to make their involvement as easy and expedient as possible will result in a more timely and efficient approval. To this end the following guidelines have been adopted by the Architectural Committee for tree removal:

  1. Trees and vegetation within the fenced exclusive lands area.

  2. Brush and vegetation, often referred to as ladder fuels by the fire protection community.

  3. Trees that are 4 inches in diameter or larger at approximately 4 feet from ground height.

  4. Standing dead or bug invested trees.

  1. If the homeowner has permanently fenced their exclusive lands, the Architectural Committee waves any requirement for approval of vegetation removal within their permanent fenced area. However, the homeowner should advise the Committee of their intent if that work is to be done with anything other than hand tools.

  1. Ladder fuels, underbrush and small trees outside of fenced exclusive lands will require a plan. This plan should include the following considerations:

Homeowners must contact the Architectural Committee because a written plan may be required for extensive clearing.

  1. Trees that are four inch diameter or larger will require a written plan. In addition to the requirements of B above, the plan should also include:

  1. Homeowners are encouraged to remove standing dead or bug infested trees. Approval to remove these trees will be given without the submission of a written plan provided that the number of trees to be removed does not exceed three.

The Architectural Committee shall have the responsibility to review the Homeowner’s plan and verify the number and size of the trees to be removed. Prior to approval of the Homeowner’s plan all trees 4 inches in diameter, or larger, must be marked with a painted dot (greater than two inches in diameter) at the base and with a line at eye level.

Approval of the Homeowner’s plan will not relieve the Homeowner of their responsibility to verify their property boundaries and avoid cutting trees on adjacent Homeowner’s properties.