PLR Rules of Courtesy for Members and Guests

The Board of Directors thought it would be wise to include the following reminders.



§ Please be courteous and respectful of other homeowners, their guests and their property.

§ Boat ramp, sun shelter and two ponds (Including a 35 foot easement) are for the use of all

members and guests.

§ Near the boat ramp, park vehicles and trailers behind the signs designating the parking area.

§ Do not park vehicles on the access road to, or at, the sun shelter. Park in designated area

southeast of the shelter.

§ Make room for neighbors if you are at the sun shelter and more people show up.

§ Use motorized vehicles on established roads only (except snowmobiles).

§ Speed limit is 20 mph on all roads.

§ Watch for cows, give them the right-of-way (they’re dumber than you).

§ While cattle are on the ranch, take the time to close all gates immediately after going through.

§ Don’t use the "cut through" and the "railroad" road when they are muddy.

§ No vehicle parking on the roads and right-of-ways.

§ No firearms shall be discharged on the ranch.

§ No open fires without a permit from Southern Idaho Timber Association

(see Local Providers) during summer months.

§ Control pets, they should not harass game animals or livestock.

§ Inform your guests of your Block number.

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